Our Movie

The Chorizo Brothers, Three of the San Fernando Valley’s biggest porn kings who have it all, money, power and women.

From the beginning the brothers have lived in a world of adult entertainment and are oblivious to the real world. Born in the small village of Chupame, Mexico, the brothers began to help in the family business at a very young age. The Chorizo family produced pornography. Unfortunately their parents could not afford real actors so they used animals instead…… No, not bestiality.

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At the pinnacle of their success, tragedy strikes and the eldest dies in a tragic work related death. While attending their brother’s funeral, Chuy has an epiphany and decides that he and doesn’t want to be remembered as the child of a Mexican Porn King. So in memory of their fallen sibling, the two remaining brothers (Chong and Chuy Chorizo) set out to prove to the world that they can produce a mainstream film in an attempt to distance themselves from their tarnished family legacy,

Their journey immediately starts off in the wrong direction when Chuy spends most of the budget on promotions and parties before filming even begins. Chong meanwhile is put in charge of casting and hiring of the film crew. And to make matters even worse, the only English Chong and Chuy have learned was from Scarface. So by the time the brothers realize their mistakes, they have already spent the budget for the movie and haven’t even finished a scene.

Despite being raided by DEA, U.S. border patrol, bankruptcy, and owing money to several groups including the Jewish and Gay mafia’s, the brothers pull together every resource they have and manage to come out on top by making a cinematographic masterpiece. The unedited version of the film also becomes best porn ever made.